Kāhu Partners is a boutique strategy and advisory firm

We help you to identify and articulate the actions that best advance your strategy.

This is the foundation for compelling plans and evaluations, as well as for winning the support of key stakeholders, customers and funders.


Recent Projects

Start-ups &
High-growth Businesses

  • Communicating a deep-tech business model and trajectory to successfully close a funding round.
  • Helping to gather an ecosystem of providers and users around an open protocol.

Mature Businesses & Corporates

  • Supporting a CEO to shape and pitch an operational redesign to the company’s board.
  • Articulating a process for incorporating rich data sources and the voice of the customer more effectively in product development.

Not-for-profit & Public Sector

  • Working with more than 70 researchers and a dozen sector and community organisations to identify the most pressing research platforms for the sector.
  • Amplifying marginalised voices to provide the rationale for new community-led interventions.

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