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My Word: Vitality

It took me many years to realise that vitality is really the end game for so much of the individual coaching and organisational culture change work others and I have been engaged in. Organisations are certainly committing a lot of money and internal resources as they are trying to choreograph their culture. Programmes are underway…


Let’s make sure that we back what works

Equality in New Zealand is something that only the privileged can really believe in now. The poorest 30% of kiwi families see just 1% of the wealth created each year. Maori have 2.5 times the avoidable mortality rate of other New Zealanders.

Disorganised desk

Avoiding Last-In-First-Out: Strategies for ensuring your business transformation sticks

The work of transforming your business doesn’t end after the new operating model is put in place; ensuring the change isn’t rejected by the system is key.


Why hit squads with end-to-end accountability trump silos

The core of a good startup’s speed is not its size – it is its structure. Mature organisations usually have plenty of room to pick up the pace, but need to look closely at how their teams are set up.


Another thing we can learn from iwi organisations

The more independent and entrepreneurial a team is, the less it can thrive in a top-down command-and-control model. And this was something I was hearing from someone many would perceive as having a birthright to command.


The current climate and the need for customer centricity

The way customers buy has changed. They’re easier to reach, but harder to please, and organisations who don’t put this front of mind will struggle to win.


Finding the Goldilocks zone for team processes

You need best practices, but ones that are tailored to your environment, industry, customer norms and culture.

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